Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination, and life to everything —Plato

Noella and Kailin are big on music education, both are dedicated teachers in their respective home cities. While on the road, they love to share their passion for music not only through concerts but also through workshops; often going out of their way to bring the gift of music and education to underserved communities worldwide.

This soulmate-duo understands how essential music is to life. To them, music is not just about melodies, harmonies and rhythms, it is the sonic manifestation of love, a way of life that enables us to get in touch with who we really are. This love, when expressed and taught through music, is such a life-affirming and nourishing force that it is unthinkable for the pair to not want to share it in every way possible.

Noella and Kailin teach music as a living and breathing language through their unique and engaging improvisation and songwriting workshops, to encourage and give voice to their students to tell their own stories and stand up for themselves.

They are also very keen to work with underprivileged children, especially with orphans and those whose lives have been disrupted and traumatized by wars and disasters.
With the help of like-minded locals and colleagues, and with support from local humanitarian agencies and international patrons, it is a substantial piece of ella & kais grand vision to set up free music schools and youth orchestras in poverty-stricken and war-torn areas so these children can be given the gift of a better life through learning a universal skill like playing a musical instrument and receiving a well-rounded education.

These schools and orchestras will be run and managed by local teachers who will be personally trained by Noella and Kailin based on the foundational guidelines of Kailin’s Freedom String Method.

Please contact us via the contact page if you are:

  •  interested to partner up with ella & kai to help bring the gift of music to underprivileged children and youths all around the world
  •  interested to engage ella & kai to give a strings improvisation or songwriting workshops at your schools
  • interested in donating used string instruments (violins, violas, cellos and double basses of all sizes), used but functional pianos, sheet music and other music-related paraphernalia to help equip and furnish free ella & kai music classrooms and youth ensembles around the world.